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Two wonderful ways to relieve STRESS


Two wonderful ways to relieve STRESS

Massage & Aromatherapy

What is major cause of all these disease: High blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, rheumatism, migraine headaches, backaches, acne, infertility, harmonal imbalances, reduced mental and physical activity and repressed immune function, which leads to infectious disease.

The answer: STRESS!

If people could just relax and unwind, the health level of this earth would skyrocket, and the global health crisis would disappear overnight. Thousands of doctors would be out of business. It’s a fact. The truth is, a lot of major diseases — and many deaths — simply don’t have to happen. If all people had an effective way to relieve stress on a daily basis,dozens of serious illnesses would become rare occurences.

Reducing Stress is a Must

Here’s what’s great about stress: you have to power to control it. But once you get cancer, hypertention or some major other illness, you lose control.

It only makes sence then to deal with stress in your life first, while you still have the power in your own hands.

You most likely have heard of dozens of methods to reduce stress – every thing from regular excercise to guided meditation. But in this post, we were loking for something new, something more cutting edge. As a result, we want to focus on two stress reducers you may have never tried: aromatherapy and theraputic massage.


Two wonderful ways to relieve STRESS

Theraprutic massage comes from fundamental desire to erase pain through touch and pressure. Massage is truly a healing art, and far more than just a pleasant way to healing unwind. Massage goes back thousands of years as a method of relaxation, restoring and promoting health.

For our purposes, we describe massage as the systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissue of the body. By relaxing tight muscles, massage helps bring about physical mechanical and psychological effects to help maintain the body at optimal health.

Massage increases blood circulation and the efficiency of the disease fighting lymphatic system of the body. It helps rid the body of toxins, loosens scar tissue, and strengthens, stretches and aids in muscle mobility. Massage also helps to balance human metabolism and reduces the body’s tendency to retain unwanted water.

If you get a regular massage from a qualified massage therapist, or better yet, from the person you love the most, it’s a scientific fact that your stress level will nose dive, if not altogether disappear. When that happens, you are free to be healthy, not to mention mentally at ease, and happy.


Two wonderful ways to relieve STRESS

Scientist are only recently discovering how powerful the sence of smell is for human beings. Smell may have far more to do with sexual attraction than was previously thought – and now it’s becoming clear that smell can stimulate th brain and body into all kinds of positive change and reaction. Enter what is called aromatherapy. This is the ancient healing art of using essential oils plants, flowers and herbs to soothe the body, mind and spirit. Essential oils are extracted volatile liquids or the life force plants. Such essences are extracted from different parts of the plant and contain beneficial properties which are used to increase vitality and health.

When you combine aromatherapy and massage, you have one of the most powerful anti-stress treatments available. Combined with the benifits of the essential oils, massage has a profound influence on countless stress related conditions. Aromatherapy can also be experienced by using the essential oils in diffusers, potpourri pots, scented candles, in sea salt in a relaxing bath and in any of your personal care products.

Is getting a regular massage while basking in the scent on flowers od your favorite oils are truly fantastic alternative to agony of cancer and infectious diseases? Yes! We say, and the  simplicity and all-aroundavailability of this stress obliterating duo makes this approach that millions can take advantage of – TODAY!

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