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Types of Laboratory Microscopic Instruments Available

Types of Laboratory Microscopic Instruments Available

Microscopic Instruments Researches can’t be imagined without the help of microscopes. These are not just the instruments to see the microscopic particles but have become the backbone of scientific researches especially in the field of biology, histology, and molecular word. The use of microscopes in the laboratory does not require any introduction.

As advancements are going on in every field, microscope manufacturers are also working on it to make it better and better. Different research requires different microscopic instruments. So, one requires knowing different types of microscope available, if they desire to buy laboratory microscope.

What is Light Microscopy?

Light microscopy is the means of collecting every little detail about the specimen if we talk about a general microscope it consists of:

  • Objective lens
  • Ocular lens
  • Lens tube
  • Stage and reflector


Each part mentioned above has its unique role and importance in the process of getting a magnified image of the object.

The image that we get is colored. It is clear and can be observed from different angles it is captured through the camera and saved in a computer in the form of a static picture or video.

If we talk about light microscopes they can be applied on any specimen live or dead, wet or dry, still or moving. They are versatile instruments and are helpful to study the physical, chemical, and biological attributes of a specimen. It can help to study just one part of the object and the whole object.

They are small that makes it easy to handle and are inexpensive and if one requires it has in the laboratory for study purposes they are among very good options.

Compound Microscopes

They are the most powerful microscope the beauty and power of this instrument are that it comes with multiple lenses and their magnifying capacity is very high. Most commonly these are used in the field of intense researches because of their high working capacity.

One is most probably can see it in the pathology labs where physicians make its use to observe patient’s specimens their tissues and blood cells. They are sharp instruments and could be a bit expensive but when it comes to their use and working capabilities no-one can question them.

Stereo Microscopes

The power of these microscopes as they help to see the object in three dimensions, although their magnifying capacity is lower than compound microscopes so they are used in microsurgeries. They are usually used to view the specimen of plants, rocks, and insects. Because of their low magnifying powers, they can’t be used in researches.

Electron Microscopes       

They are the most powerful microscopes and have wide importance in the world of micro-organism. Their magnification power is so high and the resolution is about 2nm which is quite impressive. Although they work on the principle of light microscopes but in place of light source microscope manufacturers use a beam of electrons.

In the laboratories, they are handled by qualified professionals and are used to identify cell differentiation in case of renal diseases.

They can successfully identify the different tumors and observe the changes that are happening in cells within the patient’s body. Apart from this, there are a few advantages of these microscopes are listed below:

  • High magnification capacity
  • Versatile in nature
  • Accuracy
  • Compatible with other technologies
  • High resolution

Hopefully, the blog would be informative for you. To know more and to Buy a laboratory microscope based on your need and purpose, you can directly contact us at any time.

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