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Does Extreme Cycling contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Extreme Cycling contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?

Cycling is quite a famous of aerobic workout which assists individuals in shedding calories. Apart from that when an individual indulges in cycling activity, there is an enhancement in the muscle strength of legs. There is one research which was carried out by breakaway research authority, and it leads to the conclusion, that greater than 1/3rd cyclists living in America were involved in the cycling activity. Some individuals are indulging in for just the sake of fun while many others are involved in cycling quite seriously. Certain people are involved in this particular activity for an extended period all throughout the day. When men were spending a greater period of time doing cycling and sitting in the seat of the bike, then there were some of the unintended of erectile issues that arise. 

Certain sort of sexual problems was diagnosed by the Greek Physician named, Hippocrates in the males who were working as horse riders. It has been found that when an individual is indulging in bike riding for a considerable period, then it has a detrimental impact on his capability to attain an adequate erection. Thus extreme cycling activity can of course be capable to put a frequent brake on the sexual life of a man. 

Impact of extreme cycling on penile erections

Erection mechanism 

When a rider is sitting on the bike for a prolonged period, then the seat on which he is sitting would be putting out the pressure on the perineum. This is actually the region that is lying in between the anus as well as the penis. The perineum part is already being filled out with both the arteries as well as the nerves, which are responsible for the supplying of blood which is oxygen sufficient to the penile region. And in the conclusion, ED issues arise in Men, That’s why Keep to Continue your Treatment with Fildena 120 and Purple Triangle Pill.

How extreme cycling impacts erectile functioning? 

For the erection process to take place in the male, the nerve impulses that are being generated from the brain region must be able to send out the stimulation messages to the penile tissues.

 It is such nerve signaling which will be facilitating the relaxation of blood vessels, thereby leading to the enhancement in the flow of blood through arteries in the penile area. So in case any of the issues arise with the individual’s nerves, blood vessels, or both of these, then it will be making it difficult to attain the erection which is required for pleasurable intercourse.

Some of the extensive researches that were carried out over the past few years, illustrated that all those male cyclists in whom there was a damaging impact to the pudendal nerve. This is actually the most eminent of the nerve which is present in the perineum region along with the pudendal arteries which are responsible for the delivery of the blood towards the penile tissues.          

What all Research studies communicate?

From the past many years, many studies have illustrated that there is some kind of linkage that is existing between the activity of cycling as well as the achievement of optimum sexual health.

One of the studies conducted by Norwegian scientists assessed the group of 160 participants on the bike ride to a distance of 324 miles. So, the result of the research concluded that one in every five of bike riders experienced the symptoms of penile numbness. This is something which has lasted for a period of greater than a week’s duration.

13% of the bikers also had the symptoms of erectile failures which lasted for around a period of greater than a week. Also National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) also conducted the research study on the 17 personnel who were the component of police patrolling unit in the Ohio State of US. The males were sitting on the saddle for around five and a half hours in the entire day.

Every male on the team reported experiencing penile numbness at some point in time. All those who cycled for the longest number of hours were actually at the greatest risk of experiencing erectile failure issues. But, Suhagra 100 and Fildena 50 Pills is the Best Choice for the ED Treatments Worldwide. When further research was conducted, it was found that it was the narrowed of seats of cycles and also the cut-out of seats that were actually responsible for enhancing the pressure of the region of the perineum in males.

How to narrow down the risk of ED? 

Well, the benefits which have been associated with cycling as an exercise far outweigh the risks that it imparts. 

Through the adoption of certain specific modifications, you will be capable of riding the bicycle and enjoy its immense benefits without any compromise with your sexual life. The cyclists can always switch to a narrow seat which can be a bit wider and comprises of extra padding for providing support to the perineum. 

Making a choice of the bicycle seat which is having no nose, instead, it is of a rectangular shape itself will be helpful in reducing the pressure on the perineum. Lowering of handlebars will be of great assistance. 

While leaning towards the forward direction, there will be lifting of the backside of cyclists off his seat and this is going to relieve the pressure on the perineum. Also wearing of padded cycling shorts will be imparting additional coverage of protection. The intensity of the training sessions can be cut back to fewer hours and the cyclist should take frequent breaks in between the longer rides. In case the biker is going to spend quite a high duration of time on the cyclist’s activity, then switching to the recumbent bike is one of the best ways to relieve the pressure.

 As it will be reclining is quite gentle on the perineum. In case the cyclists is experiencing any sort of numbness or pain in the region lying in between the rectum as well as scrotum, then the riding of the bicycle should be stopped.

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