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5 hair rules to follow during monsoon season


The rainy season is here and the weather can be harsh on your hair. During monsoon season from hair fall to frizz, the monsoon can take a toll on hair health. Give your tresses some extra care during this season.

As the humidity level increases in this season, you also need to change your hair care routine. Here are five rules you can follow to protect your hair during the rains:

– Oil your hair frequently, at least twice a week to control frizziness. You can keep the oil on for 20 minutes or for 2-3 hours depending upon your hair type.

– Washing your hair often will make your hair thin, is a myth. Wash them often with a mild shampoo, especially during this season as our hair becomes dirty and oily, which can cause dandruff or fungal infection

– Avoid wearing caps during work out, because you sweat a lot while exercising and a cap does not let the sweat dry out which in turn can cause a fungal infection.

– Always use a serum after washing your hair, it controls the frizziness of the hair and provides shine.

– Choose a shampoo as per your hair type. If you have oily hair, you can use a mild shampoo. For dandruff, one can use a little strong shampoo with a post-conditioning treatment.

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